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Live Musicians

As the music director for your ceremony we will ensure that all audio needs are taken care of. Due to our proximity from the stage and consistent communication with the priest and any coordinators, we can manage all musical cues, as well as assist with microphones and audio levels right from the time the doors open. Live sound mixing is an integral part of setting the tone of an event. Let our musically trained ears help create the perfect atmosphere for you and your family!

  • A classical performance of bansuri and tabla (or mridangam) for up to 90 minutes to harmouniously accompany the wedding ceremony.

  • Choice of a custom song to be learned by musicians for groom or bride's entrance.

  • All DJ requirements during the ceremony, such as cuing entrance music, and all sound technician services such as live mixing of audio, adjusting/muting microphones as needed, and resolving feedback issues.

    Special gift: incense and palo santo smudging of the ceremony space prior to doors open

Price - $1450

Request a tabla player that can also play dhol for baraat - $150

Add a classical acoustic guitar player - $500

Equipment Breakdown

All performance requirements, including microphones, stands, monitor speakers if necessary, and digital mixer in order to plug into the venue’s sound system. Wireless headset for priest and handheld mic for MC can also be included at no additional cost.

  • 8 channel mixer

  • microphones and stands for each musician

  • wireless handheld or headset for pandit and MC

  • aux cable and a laptop for playing additional music

  • audio output for videographers to capture sound directly

  • full audio management during the ceremony (cueing background music, entrance songs, leveling all microphones for pandit/mcs, ensuring no feedback issues)

  • access to a digital recording of the entire ceremony

  • an XLR patch into the venue’s sound system (if we are not bringing the hall sound system... see below)

  • all cabling run neatly and discretely to avoid any tripping hazards


Price -  $300

Note: the above equipment is brought along with us and can be plugged into any existing sound system. Please see below for hall sound system options.

Sound System (optional)

If you have not rented a sound system or hired an additional DJ or AV company, we can provide hall speakers. Each option below includes rental and labour, a separate mixer and auxiliary cable, access to a wireless microphone, and playlist "DJ'ing" for the full duration of the event.

  • Two speakers for ceremony (suitable for an audience of up to 300 people): $400

  • One additional speaker for cocktail / breakfast area with separate mixer and aux cable patch (and wireless mic if needed for announcements): $200

  • Additional speakers for lunch/dinner hall: $150 each

Please contact me at (647) 998-5357 if you have any questions!
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